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We here at the House of Bamanism believe that your freedom to practice the spiritual, religious or emotional belief of your choosing, should be just that, your freedom.

Whether your beliefs fall within the socially acceptable range or the alternative lifestyle of your choosing, you should be afforded the opportunity to practice them and embrace them without fear or embarrassment.

Bamanism is just the place for you. As a member of an alternative lifestyle, honorarily titled and ordained, and attending Seminary for full Rabbinical ordination, Bam has founded this sanctuary to provide anyone with the desire to practice their beliefs, the freedom to do so.

Anyone may join, or not, and be allowed to visit, participate and use his services, or not, regardless of the choice.

You may donate to the cause, or not, and nothing will prevent you from receiving his graces.

Even if you are not a member of the House of Bamanism you can still confess to Bam!

Welcome to the House of Bamanism.



"Earning Sainthood one fire at a time"